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Hot Dogs….

Good morning it is 10:41am and I’m enjoying a smoke, company from the baby, and Dr. Pepper. Yes I agree soda is bad for you. Last night we had chilli dogs with some friends. Oh yea! Can’t forget beer :-). But because of that it is time to burn those hot dogs, beer, and smores off.

The way I am going to accomplish this is by doing some Quadrupedal Movement.

With quadrupedal movement you work key muscle structures used in Parkour.

Biceps, Triceps, quads, Hamstrings, core, and forearm muscles.

I’m sure it works other muscles but I just listed the ones that feel like they are on fire when I do this exercise.

To start pick a 10′ x 10′ whether inside or outside. Get on all fours, keep hips low, and alternate hand and foot in a forward motion on the far right side of the area you chose. once at the end traverse to the left and continue the same motion but “backwards”.

Continue this movement 3 times.

for moar tips check these two pages out



do this exercise at least once every other day and on the off days do some Monkey Dive Push-Ups (I’ll get to them later) and some pull ups.

On a side note I found my topic…… Parkour, Video games, and life.


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